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Intrepid class
NV-class NX-Refit2
Production Information
Class:Refitted cruiser
Model:NV (Refit)
Technical Specifications
Length:225 m
Width:136 m
height:33 m
Sublight Cruise:0.25c
Maximum Sublight:0.30c
Warp Cruise:4.5
Maximum Warp:5.2
Reactor Type:Enhanced Warp 5 Engine
Shields:Vulcan shield system, total capacity 256,500 TeraJoules
Armament:•3x Phase Cannons; rated at 150 TeraWatts

•6x Pulse Phase Cannons: rated at 125 TeraWatts

•3x Photonic Torpedo tubes
Compliment:•24x MACOs
•2x Shuttle Pods
Other Systems:•Echo Subspace Amplifiers
•Matter Transporter
Affiliation:United Federation of Planets

Following the creation of the United Federation of Planets Earth Starfleet began the process of updating its fleet to newer standards using now more widely available technology from other Federation planets. The NV or Intrepid-class was one of the first to receive such refits, falling behind the already more advanced NX class. Though these refits included updated technology based on alien technology such as Vulcan shield technology much of the upgrades were revolutionized by the NX-01 Enterprise and her sister ships, as such the refits were called NX Refits. The final refitted Intrepids were twice as effective in combat and in exploration then they were prior to the refit.


Behind the ScenesEdit

The Refit of the Intrepid class is inspired by one John Eaves' rejected concepts for one of Earth's defense ships. The concept is vaguely similar to what one would expect a pre-TOS version of the intrepid to look like with a longer body, and a more catamaran designed nacelle geometry.

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